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As Published in San Diego Daily Transcript 2013
Intelligent, Aggressive, Experienced

As your San Diego criminal defense lawyer, Attorney Christian Ham will be committed to providing you with the highest level of representation.

Mr. Ham's intelligent and experienced representation has resulted in the dismissal and or reduction of serious felony charges. Attorney Ham has been successful in representing clients faced with serious felony charges as well as DUIs. Additional criminal cases we have handled include: drug possession, battery and assault, burglary, domestic violence, and other criminal matters. See Christian Ham's Review on Yelp,   Google + Profile,

Defending the Accused

Every person accused of a criminal offense has a constitutional right to an attorney. Being accused of a crime comes with the difficult possibility of going to jail. Having a lawyer do everything possible to avoid or limit the amount of jail is often a priority. A good criminal defense attorney can review the evidence and identify legal issues. These issues can be used to negotiate with the prosecuting attorney and reach a favorable resolution of the case.

Criminal Defense

In San Diego criminal cases, a good experienced attorney will do everything possible to avoid the most serious of consequences. San Diego defense attorney Christian M. Ham works passionately and diligently to do everything possible to avoid and limit the damage that can be caused in a criminal case and to reach a favorable outcome, including seeking alternatives to jail, such as rehabilitation programs, work furlough, when applicable.

Fighting the Case

Mr. Ham believes in fighting for what is right and ensuring the fair administration of law and due process. Mr. Ham provides San Diego residents with aggressive, experienced, intelligent legal representation in DUI and criminal matters. He is dedicated and committed to serving clients with the most effective legal defense in San Diego. Mr. Ham tailors each legal defense to the individual needs of each client and will fight for the right outcome.

Legal Representation

Mr. Ham offers the highest standard of criminal defense in San Diego and is committed to offering an honest case assessment with a realistic discussion of the potential consequences. In offering the best available defense in San Diego, he takes immediate action by identifying and investigating potential legal issues. Mr. Ham provides San Diego the highest level of legal representation in criminal defense matters.